Nothing is more special than a personal consultation with Trisha and your pet

A Gift Certificate for an Animal Communication Session with Trisha, is a great way to introduce a friend or family how animal communication and personal consultation can work to build a stronger bond between them and their pet.

It will be a treasured gift for friends and loved ones who care deeply about their pets, or maybe their pet is
undergoing difficult times and they need to understand what is really going on?
Much better than another gift they’ll take back or never use, this is a gift that just keeps on giving.
AT Certificate_Personal-Consultation

45 minutes to ask the questions and to really understand what your pet is thinking. 

Perfect for 1 or 2 pets, to understand the connection between them, and you.

This gift certificate is valid for 120 days, for a 1 x 45-minute animal communication session. Once it is purchased, you will receive a receipt by email and download your gift certificate that you can print out or email.

30 minute Discovery session. Perfect for finding out what your pet is thinking or how they are feeling.

Have more than 1 pet? Then book for an hour instead.

This gift certificate is valid for 120 days, for a 1 x 30-minute animal communication session. Once it is purchased, you will receive a receipt by email and download your gift certificate that you can print out or email.

AT Certificate_Personal-Consultation_30mins

The Best Christmas gift under the tree.

After you purchase, you’ll receive a link to a gift certificate that you can give to the recipient via email or print out on paper. Each certificate has a unique code that the recipient can use to book a session with me online when they’re ready. 

All pet readings are via phone or online, so you can gift this to

anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Keep in mind that even if you use a video as your main sales tool, not all visitors will watch it. Don't hesitate to repeat important points from the video in your written copy on the page as well.



Do you want to know if your animal’s life is fulfilled? Do they enjoy their life with you? It is great to know if an animal likes their food, their home, their activities day to day , their life in general – and how we can make it even better.


Is your animal companion going through a behavioural issue that is making life difficult for both of you? Communicating with them directly takes out the guesswork and on the road to a solution.


Animals will go through a health challenge at some stage in their life. It is peace of mind to know how that is affecting them and how much discomfort they are actually in so we can take the necessary steps for their health and well being.


Did you know that every animal that shares your life has a connection with your soul purpose. Through a consultation you can discover what that connection is with your current animal companion and any guidance they can offer.


Nearly everyone who has an animal will be confronted at some point with a decision whether to let their animal go to the other side. It is such a relief when we can communicate with the animal directly so they can make their own decisions.


Our amazing animals are so precious to each and every one of us, that is why it is so heart wrenching to lose them. Being able to communicate with out departed loved ones from the other side is the first step in our healing process.

A Must for Animal Lovers:

Ask Your Dog

Perfect for the Dog Owner

If you could talk to your dog what would they say?

Discover what dogs want from us, what they love about the things we do, and what hurts them or drives them crazy.

Understand that special bond only dogs can bring.

Stories from The Animal Whisperer

A must for all Animal Lovers

In this heart-warming book, packed with remarkable stories Trisha McCagh reveals what dogs, cats, horses and other creatures have to say about their health and happiness, their anxieties and quiet despair.Get involved, feel the emotion, understand the closeness that relationships with pets bring.

Ask your Horse

Horses have so much to give

Do you ever wonder what horses think when they look at you with those big, warm, brown eyes? If you truly want to understand your horse, improve performance and build the ultimate relationship. A wealth of invaluable knowledge, practical exercises and helpful hints, straight from the horse’s mouth.


About Trisha

I’m an internationally acclaimed AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, TEACHER AND ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. You may know me from my Best Selling Book “Stories from the Animal Whisperer”.

I have helped thousands of people all around the world create greater understanding and fulfillment in the relationships they have with their animals . Using a Silent Language I either directly translate their words and thoughts or teach people to HEAR what their animals have to SAY.

My Passion and life Purpose is to UNITE PEOPLE AND ANIMALS in complete harmony. I am able to do this via my private consultations and exclusive courses. Imagine having two-way conversations with your much loved animal companions, and never having to GUESS or make ASSUMPTIONS about them again. Find out if they are happy, sad, confused, sick, lonely. What do they love to do? What would make their life completely fulfilled? WHAT DO THEY WANT TO TELL YOU?

Join me on this journey so you too can learn how to Speak with the Animals.

Trisha McCagh animal communicator

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