Starting with a foundation of understanding and awareness.

Now that you have started your Animal Communication journey, it doesn't stop there. Each level fine tunes the ability for you to 'talk' to animals, develop your communication and deepen the conviction that what you are hearing is not just imagination. 

Deepening the Heart Centre Connection Booking

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Understanding and Discovery

  • Learn to communicate with your pets
  • Gain understanding of any behavior problems
  • Understand their needs and how they feel about you
  • Communicate more effectively

3hrs | $249

Deepening the Heart Centre Connection

Intuitively Connecting with Your Animals at a deeper level

  • Reaching a deeper state of peace and silence in your mind and body
  • Hone your abilities of intuition to power up your sensing
  • Expanding the volume and quality of information you receive from animals

3hrs | $349

Expanding Your Potential 

Becoming One with the Silent Language

  • Communicating with nature the way the animals do
  • Increasing your telepathic skills where communication is effortless
  • Removing self-imposed obstacles in order to trust and believe in your self

3.5hrs | $400

Animal Communication Masterclass 

Mastering fluent two-way conversations with Your Animals

  • Talking with your animals with absolute confidence
  • Problem solving directly with Trisha to ensure success with your communication
  • Establish your next steps to ensure the bond and connection continues with your pet
  • Ignite and grow yourself spiritually and personally to walk a new path of enlightenment

4hrs | $500


Book All Classes on Your Animal Communication Journey

$1,500 value

ONLY $1,100 save $400


Trisha McCagh

I’m an internationally acclaimed AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, TEACHER AND ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. You may know me from my Best Selling Book “Stories from the Animal Whisperer”.

I have helped thousands of people all around the world create greater understanding and fulfilment in the relationships they have with their animals . Using a Silent Language I either directly translate their words and thoughts or teach people to HEAR what their animals have to SAY.

My Passion and life Purpose is to UNITE PEOPLE AND ANIMALS in complete harmony. I am able to do this via my private consultations and exclusive courses. Imagine having two-way conversations with your much loved animal companions, and never having to GUESS or make ASSUMPTIONS about them again. Find out if they are happy, sad, confused, sick, lonely. What do they love to do? What would make their life completely fulfilled? WHAT DO THEY WANT TO TELL YOU?

Join me on this journey so you too can learn how to Speak with the Animals.

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