Celebrate all things HORSE with Trisha McCagh

Strong Communication is the link to a greater bond with your horse.  Problem solving becomes much simpler and you can build on a solid relationship together by understanding how your horse thinks and feels.
horse book

9 Unique Things (that explain a lot) about Horses


Don't second guess, learn how COMMUNICATION can build a better working relationship with your Horse.
What makes them think the way they do, what are they scared of, what is the cause of some of their bad habits?
Hear Trisha explain the fundamentals of Horse Communication.

Understanding the horse psyche increases communication and awareness between horses and humans so that there can be a sense of safety, relaxation and fun. It also allows continuous positive growth within the relationship. A horse is a prey animal and therefore will interpret actions and perceive things very differently to people. When these two perceptions have their needs met only then will complete success be possible.



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Last Horse Workshop for 2021

11th December 2021

Connecting to Your Horse: What Your Horse is Thinking and Why

Get the Most out of your Equine Learning Experience

Ask your Horse

Ask Your Horse

Do you ever wonder what’s on their mind when they look at you with those big, warm, brown eyes? This book is an absolute must if you truly want to understand your horse, improve performance and build the ultimate relationship. A wealth of invaluable knowledge, practical exercises and helpful hints, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Journey of the Soul

Be prepared to take a journey of the soul self. This will assist you in your connection with all in the Natural world and your communion of oneness with the universe and beyond. You will experience your own expansive potential as a physical and spiritual being, and the power you possess.

Straight from the Horses Mouth (Double Cd)

Straight from the Horses Mouth (Double CD)

The purpose of this Cd is to connect you with your horse through the wonderful world of animal communication. Horses can communicate with us using a silent language, involving both telepathic and intuitive sensing. You will be guided through a series of exercises that will assist you in going to that quiet place where you can you can hear animals and they can hear you. 

Gift Certificate

The most unique gift ever imaginable to give to your friends or family. A consultation or one of the learnings by the Animal Whisperer. Have the messages of any animal translated by the internationally acclaimed animal communicator Trisha Mc Cagh to get the amazing insights to the thoughts and feelings of animals we share our lives with. 

Various amounts available to suit any budget

Stories from The Animal Whisperer

Stories from The Animal Whisperer

Be prepared to be amazed, amused and moved as Trisha McCagh shares her fascinating experiences of communicating with animals. If you could talk to animals, what would you learn?

In this heart-warming book, packed with remarkable stories Trisha McCagh reveals what dogs, cats, horses and other creatures have to say about their health and happiness, their anxieties and quiet despair.

Personal Consultation - Horse

Personal Consultation

Like all good communication, everything changes once both parties understand each other. Following Trisha's simple and intuitive methods you will be able to communicate with your horse in incredible detail. So sign up for a personal consultation now!

Who this workshop is For?

Horse Owners and

Horses can develop anxiety from unknown history.  In my 20 years experience as an animal communicatorthis is one of the most common and important problems that people face with their loved animals

Not Knowing how to help them heal.

Horse Wranglers & Riders

Demonstrating telepathic/intuitive communication with the horses in the arena while they are being ridden. Using this silent language to learn what your horse can tell you about your riding and how this affects your horse, and its ability to achieve the tasks. Are you giving your horse confusing signals, and is your anxiety or tension or your own confusion transferring to your horse. 

Equine related Industries

Whether a Farrier, Vet, Strapper, or jockey, everyone benefits from the two-way communication that you develop with the Horse. 

Experiencing ground-breaking and innovative ways of working and being with your equine companions. Horses are not in people's lives, horses are their lives.

horse book

9 Unique Things (that explain a lot) about Horses

Download your FREE copy to get a greater insight into the behaviour of Horses.

About Trisha

I’m an internationally acclaimed AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, TEACHER AND ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. You may know me from my Best Selling Book “Stories from the Animal Whisperer”.

I have helped thousands of people all around the world create greater understanding and fulfillment in the relationships they have with their animals . Using a Silent Language I either directly translate their words and thoughts or teach people to HEAR what their animals have to SAY.

My Passion and life Purpose is to UNITE PEOPLE AND ANIMALS in complete harmony. I am able to do this via my private consultations and exclusive courses. Imagine having two-way conversations with your much loved animal companions, and never having to GUESS or make ASSUMPTIONS about them again. Find out if they are happy, sad, confused, sick, lonely. What do they love to do? What would make their life completely fulfilled? WHAT DO THEY WANT TO TELL YOU?

Join me on this journey so you too can learn how to Speak with the Animals.

Trisha McCagh animal communicator