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Understand the world through your animal's eyes.

Animals speak a silent language that all species understand. You can learn their language and discover all you have ever wanted to know, not only from your own beloved animal companions but the entire animal kingdom.

Trisha McCagh
Trisha and her cat

What is Animal Communication?

Animals communicate in a silent language, and humans communicate in a verbal language. This silent language is called telepathy which means feeling across a distance. Communicating telepathically with animals means we are mentally sending and receiving messages.

Learn to TALK TO YOUR ANIMALS in their Silent Language.

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In Honour Of Angus The Westie

April 20, 2021


April 20, 2021


April 20, 2021


Meet Trisha McCagh.

Internationally acclaimed author, speaker, educator and animal communicator.

I’m an internationally acclaimed AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, TEACHER AND ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR. You may know me from my Best Selling Book “Stories from the Animal Whisperer”, or on TV’s morning show STUDIO 10. I have helped thousands of people all around the world create greater understanding and fulfillment in the relationships they have with their animals . Using a Silent Language I either directly translate their words and thoughts or teach people to HEAR what their animals have to SAY.

My Passion and life Purpose is to UNITE PEOPLE AND ANIMALS in complete harmony. I am able to do this via my private consultations and exclusive courses. Imagine having two-way conversations with your much loved animal companions, and never having to GUESS or make ASSUMPTIONS about them again. Find out if they are happy, sad, confused, sick, lonely. What do they love to do? What would make their life completely fulfilled? WHAT DO THEY WANT TO TELL YOU?


Trisha Mesmerises Audiences With Her Unique Gift

They Say

Avril Norman

NSW, Australia

"Trisha I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful work you did with my cat Bella. I must admit I was a little skeptical about the idea of a Pet Psychic/Communicator but my limited knowledge of the process was quickly enlightened when you told me not only what had been bothering Bella but about the renovations, including the layout of my home, but also her food preferences, which are strange for any cat!"

Alice Wolf


"I asked Trisha for advice on a cat I was planning to get. I asked her to find out if the cat was content to stay with me - even though I work during the day - if he wanted another cat as a companion and how his leg got broken. The result was amazing. Not only was Trisha able to get all the information I asked about Kenjiro. The cat also told her details about me she could not have known before."

Georgina Campbell

NSW, Australia

"Monty, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, had been the centre of my husband's and my life for two years, when I fell pregnant. Within 6 months he started to become unsettled and misbehave, acting out of character. We were really worried that he might not cope with the changes to the family unit. I spoke to Trisha and she suggested methods to communicate my fears with Monty and to let him know what was going on."

Lydia Manville

Product Manager

"My husband and I love our miniature poodle 'Alfie' to bits. He has some problems, mainly behavioural and anxiety based. This has worried us as we want him to be happy and understand him more. Our dream was to find someone who could communicate with him, and hopefully find some solutions to these problems. We by chance found Trisha, and the information she conveyed back to us was amazing."

Understand What Your Animals are Trying to Say!


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