Paw Tag Blue


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PROTECT YOUR PET: Positive ions are the dangerous components of the Electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phone towers, Wi FI, mobile phones, internet, dirty electricity from electricity systems including your own home just to name a few. These positive ions can cause free radicals in THE body that contribute to disease.

Imagine if you could create a NEGATIVE ION FIELD around your pet, so that their bodies could function normally to create optimum health and well being without the duress from these harmful elements. Well now you can with ionised PET TAGS.

These tags are specially ionised to repel these unhealthy ions and allow your pet to live a calm, healthy and happy life. Who would not want that for their beloved furry family member? Your pet can not only look good but more importantly feel good.

Size: Approx 27mmx25mm(small to medium dogs)

Weight 5.00 g
Dimensions 27 × 25 × 5 mm

5.00 g


27 × 25 × 5 mm