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Learning the Silent Language of Animals


What would be the first question you would ask them? or maybe.......

What would you want THEM to tell you?

Favourite Food? Any Health Issues? Are they lonely?  What do they really think of you?


We have responded to requests that workshops have been limited. So now we are taking our workshops ONLINE.

Interactive 3 hour workshops where with simple techniques and exercises that will enable you to freely converse with your own beloved animal companions or any animal you may encounter.

They’ll help you assist in their health and well-being and allow you to gain a greater understanding into their world, and the part they play in yours.

What would you want THEM to tell you?

 Why are they left alone all day? It breaks our heart when we have to leave our pet, if only they understood why you had to go out and that you would be coming back. 

Begin Your Journey of Animal Communication with Animal Talk

Book now for this Live Interactive Workshop. Listen to Trisha explain the fine art of animal communication and how you too can clear the fog between you and your pet.

Have't you ever wondered what your pet is saying to you? Is it as basic as all about their food? Or maybe there is so much more to understand.

Topics Covered:

  • Practical exercises in how to relax and quiet the mind.
  • Getting into the ‘Animal Zone’
  • Learning to freely open your heart, increasing your connection and understanding with animals.
  • Send and receive information telepathically and intuitively with other participants and animals.
  • Learn to communicate with animals across distance.

By building a 2 way communication, you can:

 Let them know how much you love them. What they mean to you. Have them understand your actions and reactions to environment, health, travelling and more.

Choice of Two Dates 

Our Virtual Workshops are selling out as soon as we list them. Classes are limited to 20 people. Perfect so everyone can interact, learn and develop their communication abilities.

Be sure to bring a photo with you of your pet, after all the best thing about talking about your animal is sharing the pet pics!

Thursday 15th April 6-9pm (Perth Time Zone)

Saturday 17th April 1-4pm (Perth Time Zone)

Classes limited to 20 people

Only $149.00 per person

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